Five Things your agent should tell you when you list your home.

1. Not Preparing Your Home for Sale-potential buyers may wonder whether the house has larger, costlier issues that haven’t been addressed. Your house needs to go on stage; it needs to be cleaned up, made up and touched up!

2. Expecting To Get Your Asking Price- the Buyer dictates the price not the seller. Fairly priced homes bring in buyers- over priced homes sit on the market.

3. Trying to Hide Significant Problems-fix the problems ahead of time.

4. Know your local market- who are your potential buyers and what are they likely to offer.

5. Can this buyer afford my house?

What to expect from me as your agent;

I will prepare a CMA for you

I will give you a listing presentation

I will be responsive to your questions and concerns

I will prepare a unique customized marketing plan for your home.

Marketing your home;

  1. Professional pictures, house plan, and Virtual tour
  2. Custom Home brochures with photos
  3. Print Advertising.
  4. Public and broker open house.
  5. Just listed cards for Neighborhood.
  6. Home appear in all major real estate websites

While home is on the market;

  1. Weekly updates on visitors to the home
  2. Regular feedback from potential buyers and realtors
  3. Regular market update in your zip
  4. Feedback on online activity
  5. Monthly meeting

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