Do a Buyer Make Over

What can buyer do to stand out? In this market there is enough competition to go around and it can be frustrating when you keep losing a home to other buyers. Successful buyers must have this check list.

1. Do I have enough money for a down payment- this is the money you have to put down for a loan.

2. Do I have enough money for Earnest Money Deposit- this is the money you will give the seller when you make the offer. 

Nothing attracts sellers more than a fantastically qualified client with ample liquid assets,and a solid down payment.

3. What is my credit. A superb credit gets you many things; but one of the best is that sellers know that you will have little trouble getting a loan. 

4. What can you offer the seller that is of value; If possible  accept the seller’s closing date, some buyers give up home inspection or appraisal. I would suggest you know what the impact will be on you before you give up on some of these items. Overall, find out as much as you can about the sellers’ motivation, and you will be surprised how important some other variables are outside of pricing.