Selling your home is never easy. Most sellers are anxious about selling but are bound by circumstances; they have a new job, they want to downsize. The longer someone has lived in a home the harder it is to get going. There are memories to consider, lots of stuff accumulated and wondering what to do with stuff you have not used in 5 years. A seller once said to me: doesn’t anyone realize how much work it is for the seller to spend hours cleaning, then have to pack up the dog and kids to find someplace to go to in the dead of winter?

I have moved around a lot and I know the process is daunting. Over the years I found if I break up my move into several stages it got a little easier. Its like I focus on cleaning and organizing the home. Then I move on to the next item without having to think of doing everything all at once. Of course this is true if you know about your move in advance and you have time to plan and organize.

First stage entails; Purge-Paint-Organize(PPO)

1. Select items(furniture/clothing) that you need to get rid of. Lots of places to donate clothing and furniture.

2. Painting- paint some areas of the house especially the high traffic areas or if possible all of the house. 

3. Organize and fold items/clothing in closets. 

The second stage is to start thinking off the things that will be needed for the sale. As a realtor I suggest you prepare these items.

Second stage entails; To Be Provided To Realtor(TBPTR)

1. Repairs/Renovations- if you have done repairs/renovations, get your permits, receipts and the name of the company used to do the repairs. Your buyer will likely request these items.

2. Do you have an HOA or Condo documents-if you do not have hoa/condo documents issued in the last 12 months, then its time to order the docs from your association.

3. Show your maintenance record for your heating/cooling.

4. Consider items that you do not want to pass to the new owner that is not personal property. Some sellers want to take their curtains with them or want to remove a chandelier, or that special plant outside the house. Remember if its attached it stays. So identify these items early and talk to your realtor.

5. Talk to everyone in the household-especially children. Some sellers avoid doing this until the sign is going up in front of the house. The idea is help children think of the move as going to gain something new; friends, new adventure rather than focusing on what they are losing. Allow your children the time to say goodbye to their friends and visit the new city or home.    

The last stage is to bring in a realtor to plan the sale of the home. In this stage you will be working through all the above item list.

Third stage entails; What To Expect When House On Market(WTEWHOM)

1. Set a date when the home goes on the market.

2. Know what to expect when the house is on the market and how long it might take for the home to sell, times you can show the home.

3. Get Realtor tips on how to make your home show well.

4. Put in place a plan for your move to your new home.

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