Reston Town center is a wonderful place that comprises of retail stores, restaurants, movie theater and a number of high  rise condos. It is surrounded by walking-distance neighborhoods. Plenty of people drive to the Town Center to eat, shop, go to a movie, ice skate, and so on. In 2017 paid parking was introduced and many people were not happy including Reston Town Center merchants.

Reston Town Center merchants have been saying for months that the introduction of paid parking in January 2017 has been hurting their bottom line, and months later, they say they’re still getting hammered. The merchants say people still avoid Reston Town Center because they don’t want to think about whether they must pay for parking, or they have moved on and found other stores which serve their needs or they are simply unhappy with the situation and are boycotting Reston.


The town center is a very pedestrian friendly spot with lots of shops and restaurants. Fun place to walk around. We hope this is resolved quickly for everyone.